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Research Papers

"Learning and Strategic Sophistication in Games: The Case of Penny Auctions on the Internet" Appendix March 2012, with Minbo Xu,

Supermarkets and Gasoline: An Empirical Study of Bundled Discounts October 2011

The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill: Did Consumers Boycott BP Brand Gasoline?” with Alvin Lee and Michael Ponlonsky.

Anonymity, Social Image, and the Competition for Volunteers: A Case Study of the Online Market for Reviews The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy 10(1) (Contributions), Article 44.

(Mixed) Strategies in Oligopoly Pricing: Evidence from Gasoline Price Cyclces before and under a Timing Regulation, Journal of Political Economy 117(6): 987-1030, December 2009. Lead article.

Station Level Gasoline Demand in an Australian Market with Regular Price Cycles Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resources Economics 53: 467-83, October 2009. Lead article.

Collusive Communication and Pricing Coordination in a Retail Gasoline Market, Review of Industrial Organization 32(1): 35-52, February 2008. A previous version of this papre is titled as "Cartel Communication and Pricing Coordination: A Case Study"

Assessing the Degree of Spot Market Integration for US Natural Gas: Evidence from Daily Price Data, Journal of Regulatory Economics 29(2): 195-210, March 2006, with John Cuddington.

Settling Utility Rate Cases: An Alternative Ratemaking Procedure, Journal of Regulatory Economics, 26(2): 141-163, September 2004.

Hedonic Prices for Crude Oil, Applied Economics Letters, 10(13): 857-61. October 2003.



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