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Andrew Sum

Andrew Sum Professor, Director CLMS
Labor Economics
315 Holmes Hall
Center for Labor Market Studies

Andrew M. Sum is Professor of Economics and Director of the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern University in Boston. He has authored or co-authored numerous articles, monographs, and books on regional, national, and state labor markets, on the labor market behavior and problems of young adults and the role of education, literacy, and training in influencing the labor market experiences of adults. Among his publications are Toward a More Perfect Union: Basic Skills, Poor Families, and Our Economic Future (1988), The Subtle Danger: Reflections on the Literacy Abilities of Young Adults (1987), Poverty and Adolescence (1991), From Dreams to Dust (1996), Literacy in the Labor Force: Results from the National Adult Literacy Survey (1998), State of the American Dream in New England (1996), Young Workers, Young Families, and Child Poverty (1996), The Road Ahead: Emerging Threats to Workers, Families and the Massachusetts Economy (1998), and A Second Chance for the Fourth Chance: A Critique of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (1999).