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LOCATED IN BOSTON, the Department of Economics at Northeastern University offers undergraduate degree programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Economics and the Bachelor of Science in Economics. Also offered at the undergraduate level are combined degrees in Economics/Business, Economics/International Affairs, Economics/Math, Economics/Philosophy, Economics/Political Science, and Economics/Environmental Studies. Additionally, the best of Northeastern's undergraduate economics majors are offered the opportunity to enter a combined Bachelor's/Master's program in their senior year, allowing them to complete both the undergraduate degree program (BS or BA) and the professional program (MA) in applied economics in less time than if the programs were completed sequentially.
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Graduate degree program offerings include the Master of Arts in Applied Economics, which focuses on applied economic policy analysis and offers co-op opportunities to qualified students, and the Ph.D. in Applied Economics, with concentrations offered in Labor Economics and Industrial Organization.
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Social Networks and Labor Markets

Laura Gee, Tufts University
Thursday, March 20
12:00-1:15 p.m.
316 Lake Hall
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The Northeastern University Economics Society hosted its third annual Boston Symposium on Economics on Monday, February 10. Features speakers included Noam Chomsky, MIT Professor and social activist, George Blackford, director of the website Real World Economics, and Ted Truman, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics.
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In a paper published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, economics doctoral student Rand Ghayad offers a fresh take on why long-term unemployment remains stagnant.
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Professors Neil Alper and Gregory Wassall were awarded a grant from the National Foundation for the Arts to study labor market outcomes of college graduates by major.

The Center for Labor Market Studies (CLMS) is an applied research, evaluation, and policy-oriented technical assistance unit located within the Department of Economics at Northeastern University, and is nationally known for its work on demographic developments, such as the aging of the population, impacts of foreign immigration, the employment behavior and problems of older workers, and the changing economic and social status of families.
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