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Master of Arts in Economics

Graduate Coordinator - Professor Gregory Wassall

Economics Graduate Booklet, 2014-2015

Graduate General Regulations, 2014-2015

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The Master of Arts is a degree in applied economic policy analysis. The program is designed to serve the need for a terminal graduate degree for professional economists, government officials, and economic consultants, and to lay the groundwork for students who wish to pursue the PhD degree. Paid work as a practicing economist for 3–6 months may be included in the degree program of qualified students toward the end of their program. Approximately thirty students enter the program each year. Students are required to complete at least thirty-two semester hours of academic work, of which sixteen semester hours constitute core courses. Part-time (<8 SH) as well as full-time enrollment is possible.

The MA degree is designed to provide a solid foundation in economic theory and quantitative methods (core courses), while providing an opportunity for students to apply the tools of economic analysis to particular policy areas. The focus of the program is on application and practice. Development of presentation skills and ability to produce project-oriented writing assignments are essential to the program and are emphasized in the elective (application) courses. Even the core courses incorporate application of theory and/or methods. The ability to incorporate co-op (paid work for up to 2 semesters) into the program enhances the practice orientation of the degree.

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The MA program requires eight courses (32 semester hours of credit), including four core courses and four elective courses. Students typically complete the program in three or four semesters.

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Course Scheduling

Most graduate classes meet twice per week for one and one-half hours each day or once per week for three hours. Most master's level classes are scheduled Monday through Friday, between the hours of 4:30 PM and 8:00 PM.

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