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The graduate programs in economics are organized under the Graduate School, in the College of Social Sciences and Humanities.

The most distinctive feature of the graduate programs in economics is an emphasis on applied economics, coupled with attention to providing a solid grounding in microeconomic and macroeconomic theory, and econometrics. Students come from all over the world, and the curriculum is designed with this in mind, striving for balance in coverage of economies that are rich and poor, large and small, mixed and market. This gives a unique flavor to the course of study, making it well-suited to the analysis of the emerging global economy of the twenty-first century.


The Master of Arts Program in Applied Economics is a unique, practice-oriented degree program, combining analytical tools with policy applications. For qualified students, we offer the opportunity to apply for paid work positions as practicing economists for 3 or 6 months as part of their academic program. The program is large enough to support a full slate of core and elective courses each year, yet small enough to maintain a sense of community among the students.
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The Ph.D. Program in Applied Economics is small and focused, offering specialization in Industrial Organization, Competition Policy, and Regulatory Economics, and Labor Economics. Both fields serve to prepare students for work in business and government positions concerned with product and labor market operations and with policies to address market problems.
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Economics Graduate Coordinator
Professor Gregory Wassall
305 Lake Hall, 617.373.2196

Economics Student Services Secretary
Will Dirtion
301 Lake Hall, 617.373.2871

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Economics Graduate Brochure, 2014-2015
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